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Our Services

Metals and Minerals Trading

We strive to provide on-time delivery and supply of consistently high-quality materials such as:
- Base metals
- Minor Metals
- 3Ts
- Gold


Minerals Procurement


We can procure minerals, acquire mines, explore for mineral sites and manage mineral assets. Some of our processes include:


- Supply Chain Management. 

- Reconnaissance field work for mineral acquisition.  

- Community consent and relationship management. 



Mining and mineral development projects in Nigeria. 

- Small Scale Gold mining in Zazzage, Niger state.
- Gold Exploration in Ilesha, Osun state.
- Gold Exploration in Sumaila, Kano state.
- Copper Exploration in Dengi Kanamm, Plateau state.



We are consultants on the Minerals Market in Nigeria especially with regards to logistics, strategy for development and sustainability providing;


- Mineral Market Development 

- Trace-ability and Sustainability solutions. 

- Economic and Policy Advisory.

Commodities Brokerage

Liaise commodity suppliers with buyers on behalf of our clients. We can also help negotiate and manage commodity contracts. 

- Brokered contracts for minerals like lead, zinc, wolframite and tantalite.

- Quality control management. 



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